Your Boutique Fashion Eyewear Optometrist since 2006

We are a French Touch Culture Boutique Fashion Eyewear independent-owned practice, with a strong emphasis on happiness, and we are committed go give you the best service - a quality comprehensive eye healthcare and eyewear, and a different and diverse selection of handpicked stylish frames.

Passion & Expertise

We are passionate in serving you to find the best solution for your vision, and your own individual style. We are an experienced team of specialists. Your glasses are fitted at our in-house lab.

100% at your service

When finding your best personal fit in terms of comfort and look, and the best solution for your vision with our highly trained and experienced optometrist and optical dispensers.

customer satisfaction

Your happiness is paramount to us and we are dedicated to achieving that goal by offering you the best service and professional advice possible, driven by years of customer service experience.

Family business

We strive to create a fulfilling shopping experience, and the vibes and atmosphere in our Boutique Fashion Eyewear shop are undeniably different from any other conventional practice.

For your Convenience

We can stay open later if you need to pick up your glasses.
We can send your glasses or contact lenses by postage or courier.

Opening hours

From 10:00 am till 5:00 pm on Monday to Friday.
From 10:00 am till 04:00 pm on Saturday.


242 Darling Street, Balmain NSW 2041


(02) 9555 2770


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